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The Phoenix AZ electricians at Meade Electric Company provide electrical repairs to both homeowners and businesses throughout the valley. Our Phoenix electricians are known for delivering fast and affordable electric repairs at competitive prices with the quality that Phoenix has come to expect. Each job done by our Arizona electricians come with our exclusive 5 year parts and labor guarantee and the peace of mind in hiring the electricians Phoenix AZ has voted best. All of our electricians in Phoenix have passed drug screening and background checks insuring the safety of your family or fellow workers. Check us out; you'll be happy yo did!

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24/7 Emergency servicesMeade Electric Company schedules same day appointments Monday through Friday from 7AM until 7PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7AM until 5PM. Appointments are set in a 2 hour window but we are happy to give you a call when we are on the way so you can still do other things. If you need an electrician in Phoenix AZ after normal business hours we have electricians Arizona can call for 24/7 emergency electrical services and repairs. Emergency services are charged at the normal rates with a minimum of 2 hours plus travel time. Our emergency response time is about 1 hour depending on your location.

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Warning signs to look out for

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  • Circuit breakers frequently trip or cannot be reset: Your breakers protect the wires from carrying too much amperage and shut down when the maximum safe limit is exceeded. If your circuit breakers are tripping regularly there is most likely to big of a power demand on the wires being protected.
  • Fuses keep blowing: Same as when circuit breakers keep tripping only fuses need to be replaced with every shutdown.
  • Receptacles and switches feel hot when touched: Your switches and receptacles should be room temperature, anything above this indicates the either the device is delivering too much power or there is a loose connection limiting the flow of electricity.
  • Discoloration of electrical outlets or switches: A strong indication that the outlet or switch has experiences some excessive heat.
  • Sparks come for an outlet or switch: Can indicate improper or damaged wiring behind the outlet or switch or a problem with the outlet or switch.
  • A burning smell is present: A possible indication that something is malfunctioning or overheating. Shut off the circuit breakers and get the problem addressed quickly.
  • Lighting flickers off and on for no reason: A potential loose connection in the wiring, a bad switch or a loose connection where the circuit breaker attaches to the panel might be present.
  • Lights dim when appliances or air conditioning turns on: An indication of an underpowered electrical system, loose connections at the circuit breaker, loose connection in the wiring or any combination of these potential reasons.
  • The insulation on your wiring is cracking or crumbling: Your wires insulation is what keeps it from short circuiting; any voids in the insulation should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Power goes on and off without reason: If a large portion of your home is being effected there might be a problem with your main circuit breaker, power meter, the connection to the meter or with the incoming electricity from the power company. When smaller areas are affected there could be a problem with an individual circuit breaker or a connection in the wiring circuit.
  • You get a tingle when you touch an appliance or metal object: Suggests a malfunction in the device and lack of proper grounding. Reverse polarity issues are also seen here.
  • GFCI outlets trip regularly: Ground fault circuit interrupters are required protection devices that need to be installed on outdoor electrical outlets, receptacles within 6 feet of water in bathrooms and kitchens and in garages excluding the outlet for garage door openers. When these GFCI outlets trip they are telling you that a short circuit is present in the circuit that it is protecting.