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Need a pool electrician in Phoenix AZ? Meade Electric Company has the swimming pool electricians Phoenix AZ depends upon for timely and cost effective electrical repairs to swimming pool wiring and underground electrical conduits. Voted best electrical contractors Phoenix AZ, Meade Electric Company assigns only its most experienced Phoenix electricians to pool repair jobs because of the potential danger of water and electricity interacting with each other. Our Phoenix AZ electricians follow the local electrical codes without exception because your safety depends on it. Background screened and drug tested, our Arizona electricians are friendly professionals that you will enjoy having at your home. From your initial phone call to our final cleanup our electricians have one goal, your complete satisfaction. We go that extra mile because you're worth it and it's our way of saying thanks for hiring us. Give us a call and discover why we are the electricians Arizona has voted "best Phoenix electrical contractors", you'll be happy you did!

Frequent swimming pool power issues
Circuit breaker

Circuit breaker needs replacing: This is one of the most common service calls we see and if addressed quickly can be one of the least expensive to fix. If this is not addressed quickly there is a possibility of unwanted damage and additional expense. Many times the connection point of the circuit breaker will become weak where it attaches to the panel's buss bar and generate excessive heat. This heat can damage and even destroy the buss bar and create the need for a new electrical panel. Other circuit breakers are 220 volt and if only half the circuit breaker is operating properly there is a possibility of delivering just 110 volts and damaging the motor it is supplying power to. Never over amp a circuit breaker to correct a problem, you could do severe damage to the wiring and equipment it is supplying electrical power to. For more information call and speak with one of our Phoenix electricians.

Damaged underground electric conduit

The electrical conduit has rotted away: This is the most common reason for a power failure to pool equipment. The underground electrical pipe protects the wires that supply power to the pool's lights, motors, time clocks and other electrical equipment. When the conduit no longer protects these wires water and dirt are building up in the pipe and weakening the wire's insulation eventually resulting in a short circuit. If you suspect this may have happened you can remove a few inches of dirt where the conduit first comes out of or into the ground. Evidence of rust at this point is a good indication that more damage is present underground and replacement or the conduit and wires will be necessary. For safety reasons an electrician Arizona has licensed for these important repairs should be contacted.

Pump motor

Pool's motor fails: The pool motor is the driving force in the water filtration and circulation system. This pump pulls water through the floor drain and skimmer basket and forces it through the filter returning it back to the pool cleaned and ready for swimming. Some of the warning signs that your pool motor might need replacing are a humming noise, unusual loudness while running or not coming on at all. It's best to replace the existing motor with the same horsepower and flow ratings unless the existing motor is deemed to be under or over sized. Contrary to popular belief, a larger motor is not always better and can damage the filter if it is not sized accordingly. Check the motors information plate for horse power and flow rate to determine the replacement size.

GFCI outlet with switches for lights and motor

Switches ware out: Local electrical codes mandate a disconnect switch is installed to "kill the power" to the pool motor. Although it is often used as a means to turn the motor off and on its real purpose is to guarantee that the motor cannot come on while it's being worked on. When this switch fails no power or partial power goes to the motor and it should be replace as soon as possible. In most cases this switch will be a 2 pole, 250 volt switch and should be replaced accordingly. Outdoor rated switch covers along with outdoor rated electrical boxes along with proper grounding are required by the local building codes and should be followed for safety reasons. Contact a licensed electrician for more information about pool switches and proper replacement.

220 volt time clock

Time clock goes bad: The pool's time clock supervises the power and allows the motor to become energized automatically at predetermined times. When the time clock fails partial or no power will be delivered to the pool motor. Partial power is often worse than no power because the motor can still run only at a lower voltage which will damage the windings of the motor and shorten it life if it is not corrected quickly. Replacing the interior of the clock is usually an option providing the existing enclosure is outdoor rated and not damaged. It is important to determine if the existing time clock is rated at 110 volts or 220 volts before replacing it. In most cases it will be a 220 volt time clock which is available at your local Home Depot.

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