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Do you really need a main service panel upgrade? Our experts are often able to come up with alternative solutions that can save you money. Options like sub-panels, replacing existing parts and balancing loads are always examined when our Arizona electricians give you an estimate. There are in fact only 4 legitimate reasons to have a conractor provide you with a service panel upgrade, which we will go through below.

Old main electrical service You need more power to meet your energy demands.

As we have become more reliant on electronics and electrical appliances our need for more power has also increased. Adding an addition to your home, new electrical appliances or central air conditioning can create a large enough additional power demand to warrant a main circuit breaker box upgrade. Installing a pool or hot tub can also increase the need for electrical power enough to require a main electrical panel upgrade. Our electricians in Phoenix are experts at evaluating power demands and correctly sizing your new main electrical service. Free estimates are available to residential and commercial customers for upgrading service panels.

Rusted out 200 amp service Your existing service panel is damaged, burned or rusting.

The circuit breakers inside your electrical panel are mechanical, they have moving parts. These circuit breakers can become stuck in the on position if they become locked up with rust, dirt or any other unwanted elements, that's why a well sealed enclosure is imperative. If your panels's enclosure is rusting out it is allowing water and dust access to your circuit breakers which will compromise the safety value they are there to provide. Some extreme cases of water inside the box have caused flashes creating damage to the interior components of the panel that cannot be repaired. Our Phoenix AZ electricians are professionals at determining whether or not your existing electrical service panel can be saved with new parts. Meade Electric Company, the electricians Phoenix AZ calls to save money.

Fuse box Your current electrical service panel is a fuse box.

Despite what you may have been told, this is not a bad thing. A fuse works on a chemical reaction, when the inside of a fuse reaches the maximum amount of amperage it's designed to allow it melts. There are no moving parts so it can't lock up however the down side is once it does its job it needs to be replaced. Some of the most delicate equipment is protected with fuses because they are fail safe and provide better protection than circuit breakers. Sometimes we will have a Phoenix electrician replace a fuse box with a circuit breaker box because a property sale requires it and other times the enclosure has rusted out and is deemed unsafe. No matter what the circumstances are, a permit will need to be obtained by a contractor that Arizona has licensed to do fuse box upgrades.

Zinsco replacement circuit breaker Your circuit breakers need replacing.

Like most things, circuit breakers ware out and need to be replaced over time. Older electrical panels having Stab-Lok (also called FPE), Bull Dog or Zinsco circuit breakers often require replacements which your Phoenix electrician may have a hard time finding. In these cases it's often more cost effective to replace the entire panel instead of replacing the individual circuit breakers. New panels come with a main breaker where these older panels usually don't. Call us and ask an electrician in Phoenix AZ about pricing options and availability of older circuit breakers.

Meade Electric Company has the professional electricians Arizona has licensed for commercial and residential main electrical panel upgrades. All jobs come with our 5-year parts and labor guarantee and the peace of mind in hiring an electrician Arizonans in Phoenix have voted best. We love our customers and provide the highest quality workmanship available anywhere, we guarantee it!

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