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A kitchen with cove, recessed and pendant lightsThinking about adding some additional lights in your home or business? You have come to the right place! Our Phoenix lighting experts have worked on many of the most prestigious offices and beautiful homes in the valley. Each installation done by our Phoenix electricians is made to fulfill your needs while keeping your budget in mind. Meade Electric Company offers every kind of lighting, from recessed to accent lights; our Phoenix AZ electricians have the superior knowledge to capture the look you want with the quality you deserve. Our experts have been lighting Phoenix homes and businesses since 1999 and look forward to serving you.

The 4 elements of great illumination: Below are 4 major elements involved in creating the perfect atmosphere in any room.

Accent lights by Arizona electricianAccent:
Do you want to highlight a piece of art in your home or office? Accent lighting is probably the answer you're looking for. Our electricians in Phoenix are experts at bringing out the beauty of you fine artworks and focal pieces. The use of track, low voltage and recessed lights are most common and works best with the pure white light delivered by halogen bulbs. A recommendation of 4 times the surrounding light output will give you the brilliance required to adequately accent any desired object in a room. Dimmer switches are useful to adjust the light levels as the surrounding light changes.

Cove lights by an electricianCove:
Great for making a room feel larger, cove lighting also delivers a subtle glow that can set a mood and even be used as a night light. Cove lights look their best when they consistently produce an even distribution of light creating a uniformed glow. Applied into crown moldings and soffits, the use of colored lights can take your project to a deeper level of satisfaction and produce breathtaking environments. Meade Electric Company has the electricians Phoenix AZ call for dramatic lighting installations and designs.

Kitchen with recessed lightsGeneral:
Need a great electrician in Phoenix AZ for general lighting? We have the professionals Arizona has called upon for simplest of lighting additions to spectacular lighting designs for homes and offices. Also call ambient lighting; it's the overall illumination of a room or given area. A popular choice for additional lighting is recessed fixtures because of their flexibility and affordability. Available in sizes ranging from 4 inch to 8 inch, recessed lights offer a custom look and the output needed to properly light any room.

A bathroom with task lightsTask:
Providing additional light at work areas like counter top, kitchen islands or above a desk is often referred to as task lighting. This is some of the most commonly installed lighting because it will give you light where you need it the most and when done correctly, it looks great too. Some other common areas where task lights are use are near a bathroom mirror, in a workshop and even next to a barbeque or grill. The applications and solutions are limitless! Contact us for any questions you may have, we are happy to help.

Lighting, as you can see, is its own unique profession within the electrical industry. Every situation has its own unique set of needs and different way to fulfill your wishes. When you hire Meade Electric Company you are hiring an electrician Arizona has voted best for delivering the superior electrical services our customers want at the affordable prices they deserve. We also replace fluorescent ballasts. Free estimates are provided on all lighting jobs along with a 5-year parts and labor guarantee, call today!

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