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Ceiling Fan Installations

Can Meade Electric Company install ceiling fans in homes and at businesses?

Yes, since 1999 Meade Electric Company has installed ceiling fans Phoenix AZ homeowners and businesses still use today.
What about other ceiling fan accessories like light kits, remotes and wall switches?

Light kits and remotes are included in the price of our ceiling fan installation but wall switches are available at an additional charge due to the additional labor and materials.

Does Meade Electric Company supply ceiling fans?

We do not, there are hundreds of styles and colors available and each customer has their own goals when installing ceiling fans. We do recommend the Hampton Bay Huntington III series for simple white fans with light kits which is available at your local Home Depot.

Will my ceiling fans require balancing?

Some do and others don't, it depends on the quality of the fan in most cases. Balancing is included along with wiping the fan clean of all fingerprints left in the installment process.

At what height should my ceiling fans be installed?

Most Phoenix electrical contractors and ceiling fan manufacturers suggest somewhere between 8 feet and 10 feet above the floor. For ceilings near 8 feet in height we recommend the installation of flush mount ceiling fans to keep it up as high as possible. Angled ceilings will require a drop down rod to keep it level with the floor.

I want to install some ceiling fans under my patio cover; do they need to be outdoor rated?

Yes, although an indoor rated fan will work for a while in time the blades will droop down and the life of the fan will be short lived. Outdoor rated fans come with water resistant seals, stainless steel screws and outdoor rated blades, it is money well spent!

Why can the direction the fan spins be reversed?

The idea is to keep the air in the living environment as comfortable as possible. In the cooler months it is recommended that the fans spin in a counter clockwise direction moving the higher and warmer air into the low area, the opposite would apply in the warmer months.

For more information visit our ceiling fans installation page.

Cities we provide electrical services in

I need electrical services in Chandler AZ, Does Meade Electric Company have Chandler electricians?

We do, our experts
are available weekdays from 7Am until 7PM and weekends until 5PM.

Can I schedule an electrician in Gilbert AZ

Yes, we have Gilbert electricians for commercial and residential electrical repairs and installations.

Does Meade Electric Company service Mesa AZ?

Yes, our Mesa electricians have a branch office in Mesa for timely responses.

I need to hire electricians in Phoenix AZ can I get electrical service in Phoenix?

Yes, our Phoenix electricians have been voted best electrical contractors Phoenix AZ. We provide electrical services in Phoenix daily. See our electrician Phoenix AZ page for more information

I need to schedule an electrician in Scottsdale, does Meade Electric Company have Scottsdale electricians?

We do have experts in Scottsdale
. Our professionals provide commercial and residential electrical services daily.

I need electrical services in Tempe; can I schedule an electrician in Tempe AZ?

Our Tempe electricians are just a phone call away and work weekdays from 7AM until 7PM and weekends until 5PM.

Commercial Electricians

Does Meade Electric Company have an Arizona electrical contractor's license for commercial jobs?

Yes, Meade Electric Company is a licensed electrical contractor Phoenix AZ businesses have utilized since 1999. We have a commercial electrical license and a residential electrical license too. Our commercial experts
make electrical installations and repairs daily.

How is a commercial electrician different form a normal electrician?

A commercial electrician has the experience and knowledge to professionally address any electrical situation in a commercial building. Conduit bending and working with higher voltages are a few of the differences in skills from a residential electrician.

Adding Power, Dedicated Lines and Isolated Circuits

What is a dedicated circuit?

A dedicated circuit is an electrical circuit that provides electrical power to only one area or device. Our Phoenix AZ electricians commonly install dedicated circuits where the electrical demand for a piece of equipment uses the majority of the power available in a circuit. Hot tubs, compressors and pool motors are a few examples of dedicated circuits in a home.

What is an isolated circuit?

An isolated circuit is completely independent of any other branch circuit in the electrical system. All wires, including the neutral and ground wires, are separated from all other circuits to eliminate any distortion of the quality of the electrical power being delivered. Our Arizona electricians commonly install dedicated circuits for computers and other sensitive electronic equipment.

How do I know if I need additional power?

If you a regularly tripping your circuit breakers you may need an additional circuit. When adding additional appliances or new equipment often times the electrical demand will require additional power for proper operation. Ask your electrician in Phoenix AZ to help you determine how much additional power will be required.

What kind of expense am I looking at for additional power?

Every situation is unique but it's safe to say that costs will be less if your electrical panel is close to the place you need the additional at. Contact Meade Electric Company, the electricians Phoenix AZ calls for free estimates, and get an exact price quote.

Electrical Service Calls, Troubleshooting and Repairs

When can electrical services be scheduled?

Regular appointments are set Monday thru Friday from 7AM until 7PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7AM until 5PM. Office hours are 7AM until 5PM Monday thru Friday but our experts are on call 24/7 for emergency electrical services.

What are the rates for service calls?

Each service call during normal business hours is charged at $65.00 per hour with a minimal travel fee. Service call appointments are made accordingly by
electricians Arizona has licensed for either commercial or residential work.

Can I get a free estimate?

Meade Electric Company is happy to provide a free estimate for any commercial or residential electrical installation or construction project.

What guarantees do I have once the job is done?

Meade Electric Company provides a full 5 year parts and labor guarantee on every job we do. Our experts make only professional installations and repairs that are built to last.


Are the employees at Meade Electric Company background checked and drug screened?

Meade Electric Company has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy. Every employee has been background checked and drug screened for your safety and ours too.

What kind of experience will my electrician have?

Meade Electric Company has very experienced professionals that are more than capable of professionally addressing your electrical needs.

Property Inspections

Can I schedule an electrical inspection before I purchase a property?

You can and it's often a wise decision. We work with many Real Estate agents who need electrical inspections and also make the required repairs after the inspections are made to close the deal.

Lighting Improvements, Installations and Repairs

Can I get some additional lights installed?

Of course, our
Phoenix lighting experts install all kinds of additional lights including recessed lights, track lighting and accent lights. We have been lighting Phoenix homes and businesses since 1999 with the quality and great prices our customers have come to expect.

What are recessed lights?

Recessed lights, also called down lights and pot lights, are lighting fixtures that get installed into the hallow spaces above a ceiling. Upon installation, this fixture gives the appearance of light shinning in a downward direction for a circular hole in the ceiling. Our experts often install recessed lighting in Phoenix businesses and homes to provide additional lighting while capturing a timeless custom look. See our lighting page for some helpful ideas.

Does Meade Electric Company install motion lights?

We do and the come in a wide range of colors, styles and output. Motion lights are available with varying degrees and lengths of detection and are used for convenience, security or both when properly installed.

Can I get the ballast in a fluorescent fixture changed?

Yes, we do ballast change outs and also install new fluorescent fixtures.

Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas

Does Meade Electric Company provide hot tub hookups?

Yes, prices vary largely depending on the distance your new hot tub or spa is from your main circuit breaker box. We provide free estimates for hot tub wiring.

Can Meade Electric Repair pool equipment?

Our swimming pool electricians work on the power that feeds your pool equipment and all electrical circuits, time clocks and motors associated with your pool.

The underground electrical conduit that powers my pool equipment has rusted out, can I get it repaired?

In most cases the entire conduit run will need to be replaced along with the wires. If you are seeing rust where the conduit comes out of the ground chances are it is worse beneath the surface.

How much will a new underground electrical conduit cost to replace?

The distance from the main electrical circuit breaker box will greatly affect the cost. Free estimates are available on all underground pool power conduit replacements.

Service Panel Upgrades

How much do service panel upgrades cost?

Both commercial and residential service panel upgrades in Phoenix will require a permit. The cost of the circuit breaker box upgrade will depend on the amperage required, number of circuit breakers, grounding requirements and for commercial service panel upgrades, number of phases and voltage. Free estimates are available on all main panel upgrades.

What kind of circuit breaker panels does Meade Electric Company install?

We have access to every manufacture but prefer quality products like Square D Panels.

Residential Electricians

Is Meade Electric Company licensed by the state of Arizona to do residential electrical work?

We are licensed for residential and commercial work through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

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