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Fan with drop down rod and a tall ceilingMeade Electric Company, in business since 1999, has installed ceiling fans Phoenix AZ still enjoys today. Our experts take the time to properly mount, balance and wipe your ceiling fans clean of fingerprints making each installation absolutely perfect. Background checked and drug screened, our Phoenix electricians are friendly, clean cut professionals that you will enjoy having work in your home or business. Every job we do come with our 5-year parts and labor guarantee, we are that confident in the quality of the quality of the work our professionals provide. Most fans can be installed the same day you call for an appointment, providing you schedule in the morning. Our Phoenix AZ electricians are available Monday thru Friday from 7AM until 7PM and until 5PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Call to speak with an electrician in Phoenix AZ and get a free estimate; you'll be happy you did! Meade Electric Company, electricians Arizona has depended on since 1999.

About the Installation of Ceiling Fans in Phoenix

There are a few important things we wanted to share with you about ceiling fan installations before you begin shopping for your fans.

Selecting the correct size ceiling fan for a room: Wow, that looks like the perfect ceiling fan, but will it move enough air? Sound familiar? We thought we would share the sizes recommended by Phoenix electrical contractors and manufactures.

  • 50 square feet or less needs a 30 inch ceiling fan for proper air circulation
  • 100 square feet or less needs a 36 inch ceiling fan for proper air circulation
  • 200 square feet or less needs a 42 inch ceiling fan for proper air circulation
  • 400 square feet or less needs a 52inch ceiling fan for proper air circulation
Note: It's almost always better to go bigger; you can always reduce the speed if you need to.
If you have questions regarding the sizing of a fan you are invited to call and speak with one of our experts.

FanDetermining installation height above the floor: Most manufactures and electrical contractors in Phoenix AZ agree that anywhere between 8 to 10 feet above the floor is fine. This is something we wanted to share with you because if you have higher ceilings you will need to purchase drop down rods to get the correct height. Homeowners with shorter ceilings might want to consider a huger style fan to keep it up as high as possible. Hugers tend to wobble less because they are mounted directly to the ceiling without a drop down rod. You can call and speak with a professional if you have questions about the length of drop down rods or installation height.

Optional features for your consideration: Like most things now days, there are accessories available with ceiling fans too. Listed below are the more popWireless remote controlular ones:

Remote controls: Remotes give you the convenience of adjusting both fan speed and lighting levels without adding wall switches. Many remotes can be mounted to a wall eliminating the additional cost of adding wall switches. Remotes with lighting adjustments are great for bedrooms if you read at night or wake up before sunrise. Some come with remotes and others do not. If you like a fan that does not come with a remote there is a good chance that the manufacture will have an auxiliary remote that can be added.

Wall Switches: Great again for convenience because they eliminate the need to pull the chains on the fan to control speed, adjust lighting levels or turn the fan on or off.  Wall switches can be simple on and off types, dimmers or even fan speed control switches. Wall switches are usually installed in homes where the builder has made the room ceiling fan ready. For room that still require the wiring, box and brace to be installed, wall switches can still be put in but it usually more cost effective to purchase a remote setup.

Outdoor Rated: It is strongly recommended that you purchase an outdoor rated ceiling fan if your installation is under a patio cover. An outdoor rated fan has stainless steel screws, water resistant seals and blades made to handle the weather. If you decide to use a normal fan, your blades will quickly droop and the overall life expectancy of your fan will be short. Just like indoor rated fans, outdoor rated fans come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Remotes can be installed in these fans too.

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